5 Things You Should Know This Week

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Hope you are coming off a great July 4th weekend, FOT Nation! Here are 5 things to get the new week started off right:

1. Corporations: Still Not PeopleWatching big companies abandoning corporate citizenship shows the flaw in the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision.

2. Brave Men Take Paternity Leave“Fathers with even a short work absence because of family obligations are recommended for fewer rewards and receive lower performance ratings,” write Amy J. C. Cuddy and Joan Williams in their2012 HBR article, citing two separate studies. 

3. Employee-driven Non-compete Litigation: A New Hook on an Old LineGenerally speaking, noncompetition disputes are on the rise. Enforcement of restrictive covenants is not an area of the law that experiences a great deal of change from year to year, but as the economy recovers, employers are in a better financial position to enforce their agreements and employees experience greater mobility.

4. Why Millennials May Be Out Of The Office But Not Far Away From Work:  According to a recent study by HR consulting firm Randstad, 52% of millennial employees reported feeling compelled to respond to emails outside of working hours. Despite their ability to connect with the office while away, 40% of generation Y employees reported feeling guilty about using all of their vacation time, compared to only 18% of baby boomers.

5.Don’t Be Social, Be HumanIf you’re just doing social media, you’re doing it wrong. You need human marketing. You need to be a human business.

Have a great Monday!