The CYA Report E64: Hobby Lobby Ruling

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Welcome to The CYA Report, brought to you by Fistful of Talent. On today’s show we have JonHyman, Partner at Kohrman, Jackson and Krantz P.L.L and blogger at The Ohio Employer’s Law Blog on the Hobby Lobby Ruling.

Jon joins host, Kris Dunn, and breaks down the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision, including how it works into the Affordable Care Act and how it’s affected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which allows the opting out of laws that substantially burden the exercise of a person’s religion. The questions here: Are corporations people?  And, under the Hobby Lobby Ruling, what employment law areas can we expect this rule to challenge?

Take a listen below and make some notes.

Host: Kris Dunn

Producer: Julia Lindsey

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