Recruiting and Logical Fallacies

Laurie Ruettimann HR Technology, Laurie Ruettimann, Recruiting

I am not a betting woman, but your hiring process is probably full of logical fallacies.

You might look at a resume for 6 seconds, see that someone has worked at Google and Facebook, and believe that the candidate has a good work ethic and a decent set of skills. You might be right; however, you don’t know. You’re just playing the odds and taking the employer brand for granted.

You might also have two candidates who are finalists and believe they are the only possible options, when in reality there are more people out there who are better qualified for the role.

And you might think your interview process is locked down with competency models and behavior-based interviewing, but we both know that your general manager deviates from the interview model. The entire interview process is compromised with a false impression of the candidate.

How do you avoid being human and falling into the trap of making decisions based on logical fallacies and cognitive biases?

Well, an ATS or CRM can help you make better evidenced-based decisions. Better analytics will help you understand how your choices impact your hiring goals. And while Tim Sackett wants you to say yes to everything at work, I think it’s okay to be a skeptic and question everything — including your own choices and behaviors.

Whenever you have the honor and privilege to hire someone, you should work extra hard to overcome illogical thinking. The best talent acquisition professionals I know are critical thinkers. They don’t settle for simple solutions and easy answers. When a position is too easy, recruiters should be nervous. (Life is never that easy.) If a position is vacant for more than 100 days even though you have been recruiting in earnest, it is time to start examining the entire premise of your hiring process. (Good talent is not that hard to find.)

And I have another message for recruiters: if you don’t overcome logical fallacies in the recruiting process, the robots will.

Good luck!