5 Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, The HR Profession, This Week in HR

You can’t go a week without your 5 things, right FOT Nation? Check them out now:

1. LinkedIn forced to pay damages for unpaid overtime: Here’s a skill LinkedIn won’t be recommended for any time soon: paying its workers overtime.

2. 5 Recruitment Practices That Are Hurting Your Organization: Some recruiting tactics are actually doing more harm than good, reducing the organization’s candidate pool and tarnishing its reputation in the process.

3.  Here’s What Google Teaches Employees In Its ‘Search Inside Yourself’ CourseEvery year, thousands of Googlers take one of a dozen company courses on mindfulness meditation, the increasingly prevalent practice of having a “balanced awareness” of what’s happening around you. 

4. Why you should turn down a job offer from FacebookReceiving an offer from a huge, established company like Facebook is a dream come true. 

5. The Science Of CoolWhat makes one consumer design cool and not another? 

Now go tell everyone else how much smarter you are than them.