The CYA Report E66: Announcing Resignations [PODCAST]

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, Dawn Hrdlica, Kris Dunn, Podcast, Tim Sackett

Welcome to The CYA Report, Ep. 66! This is a very special episode, or rather, RANT. We think you’ll likey.

This episode features some folks you might know—fellow FOT bloggers, Tim Sackett and Dawn Burke—on Announcing Resignations.

Tim and Dawn talk with host, Kris Dunn, and discuss why and how organizations send straight-up weak-@$$ resignations for employees who are already one foot out the door. Really?! Waxing-poetic resignation emails? Those go out for the folks who quit. The future-endeavors email? It goes out for the ones who got canned.

The question is… do we owe an exiting employee anything? Especially an over-the-top email to the rest of the company?

Take a listen to the rant below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Host: Kris Dunn

Producer: Julia Lindsey

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