Paul Hebert says Less than 1% of Your Corporate DNA Makes Your Company Unique

Paul Hebert Paul Hebert, Worldwide FOT

Corporate DNA. We use that term a lot here at Symbolist.

When we start to work with our clients we ask about their “corporate” DNA. We want to know what makes them who they are at a very basic level. We get a lot of answers. A lot of similar answers. And we document those. And we incorporate them into the final and custom reinforcement design for their company. The output that systematically identifies and reinforces the corporate DNA of a company is what we call a reward and recognition system (RRS) – I know – catchy uh?

The real interesting thing though – isn’t the list of common answers we hear.

It’s the list of very uncommon ones.

Read the whole post over at Symbolist (an FOT contributor blog).

Paul Hebert

Paul Hebert is Vice President of Individual Performance Strategy at Creative Group Inc, writer, speaker and consultant. Paul focuses on influencing behaviors and driving business results through employees, channel partners and consumers. He is dedicated to creating true emotional connections often overlooked in our automated, tech-enabled world. Using proven motivational theory, behavioral economics and social psychology he has driven extraordinary company performance for his clients. Paul is widely considered an expert on motivation, incentives, and engagement.