5 Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, This Week in HR

Welcome back to another week with your favorite blogging team! Check these 5 must-reads to get your Monday started right:

1. The Pros and Cons of a Gamified Work CultureSome proponents insist that one day every job will somehow be gamified, while detractors fear it’s just another management fad or worse, a sinister new form of corporate control.

2. 3 Lessons Corporate In-house Recruiting Organizations Can Learn from Staffing AgenciesTo fill your candidate pool with greater potential, take a page from the staffing agency playbook. Start with these three ideas.

3. Atlanta Hawks Owner To Sell Team After Sending A Racist Email About Attracting White Fans: Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson will sell his controlling interest in the team after self-reporting a racially insensitive email to the NBA.

4. Why Most Leadership Development Programs For Women Fail and How To Change That: Even the most well-intentioned corporate leaders risk inviting the cynical perspective that what they really want is a way to pretty up their image–to show off their efforts with women without really making a change.

5. IKEA Skewers Apple’s High-Minded Marketing in Hilarious Viral SketchSwedish furniture giant Ikea is taking a page out of Apple’s high-minded marketing playbook with a satirical video sketch that has now gone viral.

Have a great week, FOT Nation!