Back-To-School Night Reveals New Sites to Source

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You may or may not know that I’m the mom of three—ages 11 to 19—all girls.  The first week of school is hammered with back-to-school nights, orientations, forms and more forms.  But this year, I ended that first week thinking… this has to be the best lot of teachers my kids have ever had.

What sold me? Their tech.  Teachers tend to favor things like YouTube and EdModo.  Most of them have access to Promethean boards.  But it thrills me to no end when they build their own websites, incorporate Google calendars, and for shits and giggles use a LiveScribe pen to record their calculus classes and then post those on their site.  The difference between what my 19 year-old experienced in the classroom and what my 16-year old is experiencing astounds me.  And I love it.

Teachers have a tight dollar to manage and limited time—so when they can do free they do.  Their websites are now often set up on Weebly or Wix. And you know that as I’m sitting there looking at their display of tech, I’m not really focused on the pretty, well-organized page.

I’m focused on the url.  Yep—staring at the address bar.  Because it’s a different source from me… and I do get a little bored with the same old same old sources.

So, I’ve been toying with Weebly and Wix.  Both are free web-hosting services that are seemingly embraced by those that love free… and many new grads.  Strings to try? intitle:resume|inurl:resume

That’s pretty baseline, and a good indicator of the many people using the site.  I tossed in keywords and even “DC” to find many viable candidates.  But as I looked it seemed like I had the opportunity to locate graphic design pros for one of my clients.  So then I tried: “graphic design” portfolio

With quite a bit of success.  What’s more impressive to me is after years of getting just part of the picture viewing LinkedIn profiles, many professionals are revealing their complete contact information over on Weebly.  Makes it much more interesting as a source to develop.

Let’s not forget though—it is favored by the teachers.  And I do occassionally do some sourcing for Charter schools.  The standard search string used with Weebly above works well with too: intitle:resume|inurl:resume

But if I’m looking for teachers, I might change it up to: “classroom”|”class room”  “miami”

It always amazes me how looking outside my industry often jumpstarts my sourcing.  Have you found new sites to dig into this summer? Hit us with them in the comments.




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