5 Things You Should Know This Week

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Hi, Everyone! Get your Monday started off with these five must reads:

1. When You Can’t Afford SleepMany low-income workers get just four or five hours of rest each day. Research shows their bodies might never recover.

2. Recruit Top Prospects During Their ‘Angry Hours’ — Because Timing Is EverythingIf you’re going to be strategic in recruiting, realize that finding top performers and superstars on the Internet, on LinkedIn, and on social media is actually now quite easy. 

3. Facebook Is Planning A Move Into HealthcareThe company is exploring creating online “support communities” that would connect Facebook users suffering from various ailments. A small team is also considering new “preventative care” applications that would help people improve their lifestyles.

4. 9 Reasons You Should Know a Little HTML and CSSYou’ve heard over and over that everyone should learn to code. Alright already! But as a writer, marketer, finance guru or nonprofit worker, why in the world should you get into coding?

5. The Esquire Guy on Handling Tears at WorkWhat makes this so confusing for a boss is that you’re forced to play contradictory roles: manager and consoler. 

Have a great week!

Cara Lucas

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