The CYA Report E70: What the heck is Bitcoin? [PODCAST]

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, HR, Kris Dunn, Payroll

Admit it—you don’t really know what Bitcoin is. It’s one of those topics that’s always in the news for some reason or other, but the concept is still a little bit cloudy for you. No judgement here—instead, we’re going to clear it up for you in today’s CYA Report with guest Rebecca Heyman, Director of People Operations and Product at Zuman, who actually takes part of her salary in Bitcoin as a HR pro.

CYA Report host, Kris Dunn, dives into this new disruptive digital currency/payments platform and talks shop with Rebecca about what it is and what the future (next ten years) of Bitcoin could look like.

Check out the podcast below!

Host: Kris Dunn

Guest: Rebecca Heyman

Producer: Julia Lindsey

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