Paul Hebert says Design YOUR Engagement Strategy With The Pros From Dover

Paul Hebert Paul Hebert, Worldwide FOT

There are no lack of experts and gurus on the web willing (and in some cases, even able) to help you design an engagement strategy. In fact, there are more people who will gladly accept your money to put in place a technology solution that is user-friendly, social and living in the cloud than there are companies need that help (it is always the case when the hype exceeds the real need – and we are fully enveloped in that space right now.) Engagement is THE issue of the day and companies who have no business talking engagement are doing it. I’ve said it before – companies selling paperclips are saying their clips are better because they drive engagement.

And the go-to sales technique for most vendors in the engagement, reward and recognition space is to schedule a “demo” of their “solution.”

Here’s a prediction: You will like what you see.

Their demos are designed to do that.

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