5 Things You Need To Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, Worldwide FOT

It’s Monday again, FOT Nation! Kick your week off with the articles below:

1. Only Baby Boomers Could Afford to Be Helicopter Parents: Do Millennials have enough money to live up to the child-rearing norms set by their moms and dads?

2. LinkedIn Users Are Suing The Site Over A Feature They Say Ruined Their Job Searches: In a proposed class-action lawsuit filed last month, four lead plaintiffs claim their job searches were hampered by LinkedIn’s “Reference Search,” a product the site offers its premium members.

3. 55% of recruiters reconsider job candidates after seeing their social profiles: In 2014, 93% of recruiters will use social media to evaluate job candidates.

4. How To Tell Your Boss You’re Unhappy At Work:  You must remember that even if you have a righteous reason for being upset and unhappy, it doesn’t mean that your boss wants to hear about it

5. Admit It: You Discriminate Against Older Workers: Never once have I had a meeting with a hiring manager who has said, “You know what, Tim? I need a 55 to 60-year-old who gets what we are doing and can knock it out of the park!”

Have a great week!