Christmas Grind.

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It’s the first official day of my Thanksgiving PTO, and my husband and I are in his satellite office down in South Florida so he can grind out a few hours of work. You’ve been there—budgets are closing, projects are wrapping up, and everyone wants to check out but they need YOUR help to do it. I like to call this type of impromptu firestorm of emails and PPTs, “Christmas Grind.”

When I was coming up in retail, Christmas grind was the stretch between Halloween and New Year’s Day when you just did it, whatever “it” was. You didn’t do it for your boss or the company; you did it for your colleagues and your direct reports.

Christmas grind was about working 10-12 hour days leading up to the holidays, so that those members of your team having to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas could relax to a degree between customers; it was volunteering to work on Christmas morning so that your peer with kids could watch them open presents by the glow of the tree; and it was surprising those on shift at midnight with pancakes and popping in a holiday DVD on the display reel vs. assigning busy work.

The spirit of Christmas grind is about helping a colleague or your greater team out so you can all share in the wealth of the holidays. Sure you were the 60% who actually booked holiday PTO, but you know that sacrificing a few hours of your week is going to help Jim down the hall get closer to enjoying a meal with his family. And it’s worth it. (Even if it was Jim’s screw up that resulted him needing your help in the first place.)

We’re all in Christmas grind together. Do your part, and do it with a smile on your face.

Happy Thanksgiving, FOT Nation!