Kris Dunn talks Hard-Knock Recruiter Life: “Can You Turn That Down for Me?”

Kris Dunn Kris Dunn, Worldwide FOT

One of the things I love about my gig at Kinetix is that in addition to HR stuff, marketing and more, I also get to keep my hand in the recruiting game every once in a while.  Case in point: I’m working on a great high level HR search for one of my favorite customers.

Good candidate flow.  Interesting conversations.  Then I had the following happen…

I’m on the phone with a candidate over the last couple of weeks.  I do some intro stuff, get them to interact with me related to what another recruiter told them related to the position, the company, the opportunity.  Standard stuff.

Then I told them I was going to speaker phone so I could be hands-free and take notes like a historian, because they were about ready to do 95% of the talking.  Once they were on speaker, I asked them how it sounded and if they could hear me.

Here’s one way you tell a candidate probably isn’t going to be a finalist.  The response was as follows:

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