Steve Boese says REVISITED: For American workers, the quits keep coming

Steve Boese Steve Boese, Worldwide FOT

Back in February I posted CHART OF THE DAY: The Return of the Quit, a look at the increasing rate of ‘quits’, (HR nerds can call them ‘voluntary separations’ if that makes you feel better), across the American labor market.

Back in February, the news was that quits were rising from the financial recession low point of 2009-2010, reflecting growing individual confidence in the labor market and consequently placing pressure on organizations to develop retention, replacement, succession planning strategies.

Fast forward about nine months to the latest data on quits, (Note: this data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics JOLTS (Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey) report), and the story about quits continues to play out along the same lines as I talked about in February.

I’m going to hit you with the updated data below, then revisit my (FREE) commentary after the jump. I actually think all the points I made about th February data still apply in November, the question really being if we as organizational talent pros are paying enough attention to this data.

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