5 Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, This Week in HR

The first Monday back after your holiday break can only be counteracted by these must-reads. Check them out!

1. Companies Focus On Worker Stress as Talent Gets Harder to Keep: After years of asking workers to do more with less, companies in 2015 will focus on employee burnout.

2. Which Jobs Have the Highest Rates of Depression? Now, some psychiatrists have spoken on which jobs are actually more of a grind, at least from the standpoint of mental health.

3. The Underlying Psychology of Office Politics: Indeed, we all know people who have perished for their inability to navigate office politics in spite of being talented, hard-working and having the best of intentions.

4. Why Are Resolutions So Hard To Follow? Increase your resolution success by gaining control over the things that control you and follow these six key steps

5. The Top 10 Best Business Business Lessons of 2014:  This year, we got down to the tough questions. Where can personal lives, family, and career intersect? How can businesses impact the world—and their bottom lines—for the better? Where do we find meaning in our work?

Happy New Year, FOT Nation!