An ATS Saved My Bacon. No, Seriously.

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Today, for Christmas or whatever December-ish holiday you celebrate, I give you the present of a cool sounding but not yet overused buzzword: “System Agility.” Sounds slick, right?

We all use buzzwords because we want to sound smart. There’s a fine line, however, between a phrase sounding new and smart before it turns into a buzzword. “War for Talent” was cool for 6 months in 1997.

What does “System Agility” mean? Well, kids, it’s the word I used this week when a vendor changed their system and process to save my butt.

Note: If you know me, you’ll know I make fun of everyone I can in this space.  I have never written a sponsored post, and this isn’t one.  In general, I think most HR Tech companies are full of crap. Back to the programming.

Here’s the back story. We implemented a new ATS earlier this year, and the only people who cared were the talent acquisition nerds I work with on our team. Business people only care about HR systems when they don’t work.

We implemented Jobvite, and it was good. Better data, enhanced candidate experience, better customization. We nerds were happy.

However, later in the year, we were going to roll out the system to a completely different candidate population, and we also needed to change some compliance reporting stuff. God, it’s boring to even write about.

But it was important…

And the system couldn’t do it the way we wanted it to do it. They could do what was required, but they couldn’t create the experience the way we needed it. Turns out we’re special—all of their other clients were happy with what they had. We weren’t.

Ruh-roh—the business is now going to notice that our HR system is not doing what we need.

I told Jobvite what we needed. They told me, “No.” I asked again. They told me, “No.” I felt like the high school nerd asking the pretty girl to the dance. Desperate, I asked again.

Then they looked at it again. And they came up with a solution that looks like it’s gonna work.

System agility. The ability to change a process or structure in order to meet a new demand.

Or, making that damn thing work like I want it to work.

That’s not easy, and customization for software companies is hard and time consuming. Jobvite did it in five days right before Christmas. System agility. Jobvite saved my bacon, and for that I am grateful.

Jobvite didn’t pay me or FOT for this post, although they have sponsored stuff in the past. They’re not perfect, but they’re pretty darn good.

My Christmas present to you—a new buzzword.  Jobvite’s Christmas present to me—an ATS system that people in my company don’t know anything about… which is just the way I want it.