Crapadappadoo! What Sourcing Tool Did I Miss In 2014?

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It’s December and I’m taking stock… stock of my tools and gizmos to source.  I’m not the only one—float into any sourcing chat or group, and you’ll see people recommending those that they just can’t live without.  I typically don’t source tech.  I live for other challlenges—like locating a Chemstewards Manager or a Director of Regulatory Affairs.

I’ve tried as many newfangled gizmos this year as I possibly could, and I thought about writing why I use this and why I use that. But to me, that’s a little boring. So instead, I’m just going to share with you what’s still on my toolbar in December. These are my top 7:

  1. Connectifier. Are you using it? Why not? I LOVE this Chrome extension.  I’ll be honest, I don’t really care what my candidates do in their off time, but I do care about contacting them and finding their peers. Connectifier has been king for that this year.
  2. A close second to Connectifier is 360Social.  It doesn’t necessarily have the same depth, but sometimes reveals different data.
  3. Sidekick by Hubspot is that nifty little email tracking tool that lets me know when you opened my email, and it will go on and on until I just can’t take it anymore.  I love the concept mentioned by SocialTalent at February’s SourceCon of waiting until someone opens your email and calling at the same time to create a karmic moment.  And heck, I just appreciate knowing that you did read the email.
  4. Vibe makes me happy because I do a lot of name generation in the association and nonprofit arena and emails are prolific, so I do like getting a quick snapshot via Vibe of their social presence.
  5. iCIMS.  I am thrilled to have our ATS at such a functional level that our team makes hires from people sourced years ago.  And without a drop down menu in sight.
  6. Indeed.  Free resumes. Quality resumes. Free and quality—makes my heart smile and I will happily pay a buck to contact.  Nothing like having found a skeletal LinkedIn profile and put it together with a word-rich resume from Indeed.
  7. LinkedIn.  I feel like a dinosaur saying I use LinkedIn.  I use LinkedIn.  I make hires;  it’s worth it.

Now there are others that have survived the cut, but may or may not be on the bubble for 2015:

  1. Prophet.  I want to love Prophet, I really do.  But once you use Connectifier, any other social media profiling extension has to really bring its A game.  I’m not sure Prophet is there just yet.
  2. Mentor from Social Talent.  This may be a tool better suited to the junior members of our team.  I know what I want in my search string and if I’m looking for a Director of Regulatory Affairs, I truly don’t want a VP, so please don’t auto insert that into my string for me.  My newbies? They might need that flexibility.
  3. Capture.  I really want to like this tool, too.  I’m trying very hard to work within its parameters, but there are times when I’m a bit frustrated that I have to go search out profile information I think this tool should draw out.
  4. Archively.  This is brand new on my desktop and I’m not so sure about it yet.  I have this problem with anything that adds more work, more maintenance and is duplicative of the effort I need to invest in our ATS.  And I love my ATS; I’m part of the iCIMS cheerleading team in case you didn’t know. But it may be this tool could be perfect for our recruiters who are handling a referral during a phone call, they could easily shift it to me and then it’s a matter of filling in the blanks.  Maybe.  I mean they could always just pop the referral into Google and see what it yields.

Tools I’ll revisit in 2015: Entelo and TalentBin.  I’m all for giving sites a second look if they didn’t suit my needs the first go ’round.  What about you? Are there tools/extensions/gizmos for sourcing that you can’t live without? Hit us in the comments with your favorites from 2014.