FOT 2015 Resolutions

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Happy NYE, FOT Nation!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we laid out our resolutions for 2014. Some of the following 2015 resolutions are not so different than the ones you read last year, but some are… so make sure to check those out.

Here we go:

Kris Dunn

  • Sign an agent contract positioning me as the Drew Rosenhaus for Kathy Rapp’s daughter, who will play professional basketball.
  • Headline HR Tech with an HR version of Pardon the Interruption featuring me as Kornheiser and Steve Boese as Michael Wilbon.
  • Hire hackers to take over  for 3 days so I can turn it into TMZ for HR nerds and leak the secret Hank Jackson emails where he says HRCI is “gonna have to give it up…”
  • Cover the NBA summer league in Vegas as a member of the press.  Ask Danny Ferry what it was like to spend his entire playing career as a minority without any issues, only to have his white owner turn him in for racist comments he read from a scouting report.  Weave Alanis Morrisette’s Ironic into the conversation.

Paul Hebert

My resolutions last year were all about being more human… more connected. Unfortunately, I don’t think I did as good a job as I could have. Therefore, for 2015 I will continue to fight the good fight again and double down on my efforts and not retreat in the face of non-performance. Sometimes, when we fail or don’t live up to our own internal expectations we shy away from trying again – assuming one failure equals failure for all time. Not me. I’m stubborn that way.

So for 2015 I STILL resolve to…

  • Be more human and work harder at connecting to the real humans in my life and in business encounters 
  • Be more intentional in my human connections and focus on one-to-one, face-to-face and real-time conversations instead of defaulting to digital discussions.

My failure in 2014 tells me that it is a more difficult task than ever to re-connect – which makes it all the more valuable. I said this the other day… Humans are analog and we can’t survive long solely on a digital diet. So… for 2015… again I will strive to be more analog. It is a worthy endeavor – one worth resolving to achieve until I get it right.

Kelly Dingee

  • Write… Every day, about sourcing, or business, or my people
  • Streamline… I need to find new ways to do what I do even more efficiently
  • Delegate… big vacay in August and the team will be overjoyed to do without me for 9 days—but that means I need to start delegating now, and I’m a really bad delegater.  I lean more towards hoarding the work.

Jason Pankow

  • Be as tall as Kris Dunn.
  • Be as good looking as R.J. Morris.
  • Be as eloquent at Laurie Ruettimann.
  • Write a concerto.
  • Learn how to read music.
  • Have a Super Bowl winning football team (I had this one last year, too.  But, whatever.)
  • Grow a mustache.
  • Cut down on the treble and be more accepting of that bass.

Kathy Rapp

  • Send more handwritten notes
  • Work on my handwriting
  • Continue working on the goal of taking deep breaths; mastered swearing quietly in ‘14
  • Hug my daughter everyday whether she wants it or not

Tim Sackett

  • Stop giving advice to people who won’t do exactly what I say.
  • Create a list of the Top 50 HR and Talent Pro that aren’t me.
  • Don’t turn down free drinks at SHRM events, or anywhere else.
  • Remember that hiring manager lives matter.
  • But, really just keep being awesome as f*$k.

Andy Porter

  • Live this year in such a way that I don’t have to make any resolutions for 2016!

 Steve Boese

  • Wake up earlier (a repeat from last year and likely to be on the 2016 list as well).
  • Keep score.
  • Classify.
  • Discard.
  • Graduate.

Laurie Ruettimann

  • I STILL want to adopt a dog who has been rescued from a puppy mill. Same as last year and every year. Maybe I should resolve to change the things about my life that prevent me from getting a dog.

John Whitaker

  • I’m bringing back “cool beans” 
  • I will post no selfie
  • I’ll reward my favorite follower, “Anonymous,” with a personal tribute blog
  • Continue to be the “after” in this FOT Rogue’s gallery of “befores”

Holland Dombeck

  • Turn in my posts the Sunday before my scheduled run date (a rule I put in place back in 2010 but fail to adhere to).
  • Get my bike fixed and explore the Belt Line in Atlanta. It’s right across the street from my house… #noexcuses.
  • Make an effort to get to know my closest girlfriend’s soon-to-be husbands better.

Chelsea Rowe

  • Get married!
  • Write more hand written notes (and actually send them in a timely manner)
  • Learn to Instagram like a pro
  • Be more consistent with my blog

Cara Lucas

  • Make more videos.
  • Get my online portfolio up and running.
  • Volunteer more of my time to a good cause.

Your turn! Hit us in the comments with your personal and professional aspirations for 2014.