Kris Dunn asks Feeling Flat on Performance Reviews? You Need Stacked Ranking…

Kris Dunn Kris Dunn, Worldwide FOT

It’s December and it’s time to do performance reviews.  You’re tired.  You just want to go on vacation, and you really don’t know where to start to distinguish between Johnny and Jenny from a performance perspective.

Sucks to be you.

You need Stacked Ranking.

A lot of you just flinched because you’ve been trained that stacked ranking is dirty and ultimately gets your company sued.  You’re right, but only if it’s done a certain way – the JackWelch way – which says that someone on the bottom has to get fired.

But throwing Stacked Ranking out because Jack Welch got off firing 10% of his workforce annually and caused the system to collapse is shortsighted.  There’s a better way.

Here’s how you need to use Stacked Ranking in your performance process, and you don’t need an HR pro’s approval to do it:

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