Steve Boese says REPRISE: The Analytics Takeover Won’t Always Be Pretty

Steve Boese Steve Boese, Worldwide FOT

Seems like it has been some time since I dropped a solid 8 Man Rotation contribution here on the blog, so to remedy that, please first take a look at this recent piece on, ‘Fears that stats trump hoops acumen’, a look at the tensions that are building inside NBA front offices and among team executives.

In case you didn’t click over and read the piece, the gist is this: With the increased importance and weight that a new generation of NBA team owners are placing on data-driven decision making and analytical skills, that the traditional people that have been the talent pool for NBA team management and executive roles, (former NBA players), are under threat from a new kind of candidate – ones that have deep math, statistics, and data backgrounds and, importantly, not careers as actual basketball players.

Read the whole post over at Steve Boese’s HR Technology Journal (an FOT contributor blog).