Use These 3 Marketing Skills To Attract Top Talent

Guest: Trisha Thompson Engagement and Satisfaction, Good HR, Job Market, Recruiting

Fact: We live in a revolutionary time. We want things faster, better, and immediately like never before. With our 24/7 world, reaching talent from the start has never been more important.

So how can your company drive traffic to your careers site and get more talent in your pipeline? More importantly, how can your company ensure a positive experience for anyone that applies for a job through your careers site?

Easy. You’ve got to think like a marketer.

Here are three ways you can get started thinking like a marketer as you roll out your talent strategy:

  1. Keep it super simple: One of the things I often hear is how difficult and tiresome job assessments or job questionnaires can be. The key to avoiding application drop-off is to keep it simple. Today’s candidate wants to get through the initial application process quickly—the process shouldn’t be as painful as filling out your tax forms.

Consider incorporating LinkedIn to allow candidates to directly link their profile to the job application. Many third-party recruiting and onboarding systems offer LinkedIn integration as a service. Building a network of job candidates before you have an open position is another way to reduce time. This way when the job is available, you’ll be able to narrow down the choices.

  1. Everybody likes “pretty”: Today’s generation of workers is looking for you to “sell” them on you and your company. One way to do this is to make sure your corporate culture comes through on your job board and careers site. Use blogs, videos and Instagram to tell a company’s story from the employees’ point of view. The result? An interactive and engaging site.

While we can’t all offer the perks of Apple, Microsoft and Facebook (free candy shop, anyone?), if you have programs and initiatives that are important to millennials, for instance, (e.g., green initiatives, community service, tuition reimbursement… did I say free candy?) then be sure to highlight them. Think, what is it about my company that would make a potential employee want to work here? Hone in on that, and use it on your job boards.

  1. Make it personal: Remember that each candidate is more than a number. They’re individuals that took the time to research and apply for a position within your organization. Acknowledge candidates by communicating with them personally and in a timely manner.

I read recently that “An automated response with little or no information is a waste of inbox space, and a missed opportunity to connect with the candidate.” Remember that happy candidates later become happy employees, so take time to connect with candidates in a personal way.

Do you have any tips to share that have improved your candidate-seeking experience? Perhaps your company has an unusual office perk? Let us know in the comments below!