Happy #TimSackettDay 2015 – Here’s to you, Victorio Milian

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Victorio Milian

It’s that day. The day where we all raise our travel coffee mugs to toast a leader in the HR and Talent space who is doing awesome stuff to move our industry forward.

The day where all the HR cyber voices come together and pick one person to recognize—who is out there doing big things—but doesn’t always get the props they deserve.

The day that everyone says super awesome stuff about the honoree (that is also true!), unanimously clicks “Publish” on their WordPress blogs… and then just sits back and lets the comments and tweets do what they do best.

Check your phone, Victorio Milian. You’re probably blowing up right about now.

That’s right, this year, in honor of #TimSackettDay, FOT is joining forces with other HR and Talent interweb voices to honor Victorio Milian.

Learn more about Victorio here, here, and here… and check back as we update all the 2015 Tim Sackett Day action here:

Happy Tim Sackett Day, FOT Nation!

Leave Victorio some love in the comments and join the celebration on Twitter using the hashtag #TimSackettDay.