The Performance Enhancing Podcast E1: Goal Setting [PODCAST]

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FOT Note – Welcome to “The Performance Enhancing Podcast,” a new monthly podcast series we’re kicking off in conjunction with the good folks at Halogen Software. All we talk about on this podcast are topics related to performance management in your company. Nothing else!

Today on the first edition of the Performance Enhancing Podcast, host Kris Dunn talks with Ashley White, Director of HR at APQC (American Productivity and Quality Center), on goal setting. <And the crowd goes wild.>

It’s January—a seemingly ideal time to talk about goals for yourself and the people who report to you. But, for whatever reason, most folks struggle with getting their organization’s heads around goal setting.  And that can be for a couple of different reasons, according to White:

1) Managers not having a framework for how to even think about goal setting in the first place, and

2) Managers all come at it in different ways and—since they don’t have a framework to begin with—they go about setting goals with a tendency that is most self-serving to them, aka: How can my employee make my job easier versus what goals can really benefit the organization as a whole?

Like Run-DMC once said, it’s tricky. Ashley and Kris break down some good ways to get started with goal setting in your organization today. It’s already late January—don’t wait too long to start implementing them!

Go ahead and start pumping up your performance management skills—check out the podcast now!

Host: Kris Dunn

Guest: Ashley White

Producer: Julia Lindsey

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