The Post and Pray Podcast E1: Building A New Careers Site [PODCAST]

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FOT Note – Welcome to “The Post and Pray Podcast,” a new monthly podcast series we’re kicking off in conjunction with the good folks at CareerBuilder. All we talk about on this podcast are topics related to recruiting the right talent for your company. 

Today on the first edition of the Post and Pray Podcast, host Kris Dunn talks with Sarah Funk, VP of HR at NBC/Neebo, on Building A New Careers Site. 

A good careers site can serve a lot of different purposes if you approach it in the right way. Obviously, it’s meant to showcase current opportunities at your company. But don’t limit the potential impact of a good careers site by focusing on that alone. Let it be what it was always meant to be—a tool to give insight into the pulse of your organization—your people. 

A careers site, after all, is a culture tool… good people want to work for good companies, but candidates can’t make that call unless you actually show them.

The bar is low, right?  About 99.8% of all companies have the ATS connection showing their jobs, a few static pages of info, etc.  Do more than that, and you start looking like a great place for candidates to land.

Don’t just post and pray, folks… check out the podcast below to learn more!

Host: Kris Dunn

Guest: Sarah Funk

Producer: Julia Lindsey

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