5 Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, This Week in HR

Happy Monday, FOT Nation! Start your week off right with these five must-reads:

1. 15 Employer Branding Best Practices You Need to Know: They are also some great questions for candidates to ask at interview to assess how evolved the company is in their approach to employer branding.

2. Why Walmart Raised Its Wages: The company’s move isn’t an act of corporate social responsibility—it’s a response to labor economics that others may soon follow.

3. A Better Way to Help the Long-Term Unemployed: One successful program pays for an intensive training class, subsidizes wages for the jobless, and has an 80 percent placement rate. Can it be scaled?

4. You Can Teach Someone to Be More Creative: In the world of business, few entrepreneurs can realistically expect to emulate the colossi of innovation, such as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, or Richard Branson, or the companies they created.

5. Lost in Thought? Here Are 5 Reasons to Incorporate Daydreaming Into Your Daily Routine: For the myriad of instances in our daily routines in which we find ourselves faced with the mundane – a traffic jam, a line at the grocery shopping, a long shower – giving the brain free-rein to wander is not only acceptable, but beneficial.

Have a great week!