Human Big Data Is Here: Would You Recommend a “Happiness Badge” For Your Company?

Paul Hebert Paul Hebert, Worldwide FOT

Hitachi has released a “Happiness Badge”to take the place of the ubiquitous employee badges worn on belts and on lanyards to buzz into a building or get your employee discount in the cafeteria. But the difference here is that the Hitachi badge includes an accelerometer to measure your activity, including how much you sit, stand, nod, type and walk around at work. That data is pushed through a proprietary algorithm to create… wait for it… a “Happiness Number.”

Annual surveys on employee engagement and happiness. Get lost!

Pulse surveys each month, week, day… amateur hour.

The Hitachi badge takes 50 snapshots of your happiness every second… every day… and uploads that information to cloud servers in real time.

Now that is some big-a%$ data my friend.

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