5 Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, The HR Profession, This Week in HR

Happy Monday, FOT Nation! Check out these 5 must-reads to get your week started right:

1. How Using a Recruiter Quality Index for Your Recruiting Team Drives Results and Delivers Transparency: With growing pressure to continuously improve results and prove quality, the time is right to collide metrics within your team and calculate your Recruiter Quality Index.

2. LinkedIn Stock Races Ahead 11%; Every New Idea Is Working: Just about everything on LinkedIn’s new-project list these days is working — and a lot of it is off to an explosive start.

3. What Millennials Want from Work, Charted Across the World: Most existing research on those born between the early ‘80s and late ‘90s is skewed toward understanding what a narrow, typically Western, population wants.

4. Busy Is a Sickness: Here’s the thing. I wear busyness like a badge of honor. Only there’s no honor to be had.

5.This graphic poking fun at people who never delete their emails is going viral: The image sparked a massive thread over email inboxes on Twitter — some people argue that having so many unread messages simply means you get a ton of spam. Others, however, think you need to use a better email client if your inbox is that full.

Have an awesome week!