5 Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, This Week in HR

Welcome back to another great week at FOT! Don’t start your morning without reading these 5 articles below!

1. Starbucks exec: ‘I felt personally attacked in a cascade of negativity’:A senior Starbucks executive says he was attacked online after the coffee chain began a campaign this week encouraging baristas to talk about race relations with customers.

2. Inside The Challenges Of Transforming an Ebay Side Hustle Into A Million Dollar Business: Platforms like Ebay and Etsy have enabled women to build big businesses by starting small and building step-by-step.

3. Why the business card is thriving: That business cards are thriving in a digital age is a forceful reminder that there is much about business that is timeless.

4. To Be Successful, Do Only What You Do Best: Everyone starts out doing something and some of us end up running the whole show, but somewhere in between, successful people always find the one thingthey do best.

5. One Worker’s Fantasy: A March Madness National Holiday: Those participating in the annual debate over how much the NCAA Tournament negatively impacts worker productivity need to dream bigger.

Have a great week!