Chelsea Rowe dishes out The Secret Sauce Of The Best Managers At Your Company

Chelsea Rowe Chelsea Rowe, Worldwide FOT

You’re familiar with The Best Places to Work lists that come out every year. Imagine a spin on that idea—designed to be administered inside your company—The Best People to Work For.  It would go a little something like this:  survey goes out to all employees asking them, anonymously, to identify who the best managers in your company are. Then they’d be asked to explain why they chose that particular manager—what makes him/her the best boss to work for.

Would some go the suck-up route? Sure. Their brown-nosing nature or paranoia (assuming you’re following the rules and it’s truly an anonymous survey) would take over for some and they’d list their boss regardless of their true opinion.But I think a trend would emerge and we’d see the same few names over and over identified as top managers at your company.

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