Have You Signed A Social Media Prenup?

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I have.  Yep I did.  When I joined Staffing Advisors we had a clear discussion what is mine, what is ours, and what is theirs.

When I train people to source online via social media I always mention that it is really, really important to have a prenup conversation.  It should cover everything important to you, your boss and those legal types.  Be clear about what you want, and what you don’t want.  In my mind, leaving an employer can be like a divorce and it can either be really amicable or really contentious.  Just depends.  Smart employers are going to make it really amicable, because they want to have more boomerangs.  But sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way.

So from the get go, my company president and I mutually agreed that this prenup was necessary.  And here’s what we agreed on… sort of a prenup and a policy all rolled into one:

  • My accounts are mine, whether I tie my work email or my personal email to an account, they are mine.  The company accounts are all his, and I can post jobs through them, but I can never lay claim to them.
  • The SourcerKelly brand is mine, much like the Kelly Dingee name is mine; we won’t be doing and Ike and Tina about either of those names.
  • At my discretion, I can share pertinent networking information with my employer.
  • I will use good sense when working online and not reveal company confidential information.  If I have to think twice about posting something, I won’t post it.
  • I blog for FOT and guest at others on occasion.  I do not need approval on anything I write from my employer.
  • If I ever leave, I get to keep my accounts, but that upgraded LinkedIn account they’re paying for? That’ll stop when the company credit card in my name is cancelled.

A lot of this seems like common sense, no? But you’d be amazed at how many employers and employees don’t outline social media property and who gets what in the end. So what about you? Do you use social media as part of your recruiting/HR job? Have you done a prenup?