The Post and Pray Podcast E2: The Power of Money (When Motivating Employees) [PODCAST]

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On this episode of The Post and Pray Podcast, we’re following up on John Whitaker‘s post here about the motivational aspects of money in retaining and developing your company’s top talent.

For many, workplace rewards and perks can vary—working from home, flex days, bring-your-dog-to-work day, PTO, benefits—whatever it is that baits the hook and lands the fish. But keeping existing talent swimming around in your pool sometimes takes a little more effort. On today’s podcast, host Kris Dunn talks to Whitaker about the power of money and how you can use it as a motivating factor for employees at your company.

Duh, you say. But while merit increases have almost become expected to a certain degree (COLA anyone?), we ask the question “Is it working for your talent strategy to use the same type of merit increases for all types of performers (good versus average) in your company?”

Check out the podcast below to hear more!

FOT Note – “The Post and Pray Podcast” is a new monthly podcast series we’re kicking off in conjunction with the good folks at CareerBuilder. All we talk about on this podcast are topics related to recruiting the right talent for your company.

Host: Kris Dunn

Guest: John Whitaker

Producer: Julia Lindsey

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