Another %@*! Fleece Jacket

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Every Christmas, we sit around the house and go through the ritual of opening presents from my mom. My mother is an awesome lady, but like many of us, she has some quirks. One of them involves giving us repeat presents every year.

Here is how it works: About eight years ago, my mom got one of us a nice Eddie Bauer fleece zip. Mom has years of hits and misses when it comes to presents, so this counted as a hit, and the kids told her that. Beats the long underwear from the previous year.

The next year, we all got a jacket. It was a bit weird as the fourth person in line opened their matching fleece. Did I mention they were all the same color? We could have been a 1990’s Partridge Family.

Next year, same jacket, different color. The following year, same jacket different color. She had found a present she knew we liked, and decided to ride that horse as long as she could. Her intentions were in the right place, but her execution lacked. Love her to death, but I don’t need 12 colors of the same fleece jacket. No one does.

This happens at work all the time, of course. Write a piece of marketing, have some people like it, and let that baby ride for a while. It’s easier to just keep the stuff we have rather than generate new content.

Some of those feelings are caused by how dang long it takes to get new recruiting content live in your organization. How long? It depends upon the size of your shop. I did some back-of-napkin calculations based on employee count:

  • 0-100–We churn content out and generate material at the lunch table while playing foosball. We don’t have much, but it’s fresh. 5 total hours. We’ll call this baseline.
  • 101-500–More content, but the process slows down. More people need to take part in writing. Takes 5x longer than a smaller company.
  • 501-1000–Now people need to help write and others need to approve. Settle in folks. 20x longer than baseline.
  • 1001-5000–Slow down Sparky; we have a process. Branding consultants, multiple stakeholders, slow your roll. Easily 50x baseline.

250 person hours to get new content generated and live in a 3000 person company? Look, these are just spitballs, but I believe it. Twelve people in a room for a two-hour meeting is 24 hours blown. Do that 10 times, and you are almost there.

For those of you small HR shops out there, enjoy the ride. You might be resource light, but your time from concept to delivery for recruiting marketing materials is the envy of all big shops. Push content, ship product and pick up the pieces later. For you big shop pros, whittle that number down, or everyone will look at your materials like my family looks at fleece jackets.