Steve Boese says The Text Message Is The New Phone Call

Steve Boese Steve Boese, Worldwide FOT

If you find yourself saying or thinking something along the lines of ‘I can’t believe he/she texted that! Why didn’t they pick up the phone and call instead?’ you need to stop, take two or three deep cleansing breaths, and join the rest of us in 2015.

I thought about this again while reading about a Major League Baseball player who texted an apology to a player on an opposing team who, due to a borderline unsportsmanlike play, had been injured by the first player in a previous game.

Ask your kids about texting (if you have some). Or if you don’t, just find someone between say about 13 and 35 and ask them about the kinds of messages and circumstances where it is completely acceptable to use text (or other messaging tools like WhatsApp) as a medium of communication as opposed to more traditional and formal tools like email or (GASP!), the phone.

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