Steve Boese talks TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY: Create your own motivational posters

Steve Boese Steve Boese, Worldwide FOT

We’ve all seen the incredibly ubiquitous line of ‘Successories’ posters that have graced workplaces all over the world in the last ten years or so. You know the classic high resolution shots of mountains or a crew team rowing on a picturesque river or a graceful eagle soaring above a beautiful valley.

These images are accompanied by inspiring maxims or slogans with words like ‘Perserverance’, ‘Focus’, or ‘Trust’. These posters, (a classic example of one is on the right), are terrible.

They are terrible not in that we shouldn’t try to find sources of motivation and inspiration, especially at work, but that they don’t offer any meaningful or applicable insight into how we can actually become more motivated or engaged. ‘A team is only as strong as it’s weakest member’ probably isn’t going to motivate everyone on the team to get better. It will, likely, make everyone perform a quick mental exercise attempting to identify the actual weakest link and a scheme to get that weakest link kicked off the team (or fired).

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