5 Things You Should Know This Week

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Welcome back to another great week with your favorite blogging team! Check out these 5 must-reads before you get your day started:

1. The Pointlessness of the Workplace Drug Test: Cup-peeing and mouth-swabbing are Reagan-era relics that frequently do little more than boosting the revenues of companies that analyze samples.

2. 5 Rules for a Vacation that’s Truly Worth It: What can we learn about how to take leisure time from these true masters in the art of living?

3. Isn’t LeBron Amazing? Imagine the Impact of Hiring a Similar ‘Game Changer’ Into Your Firm (Part 1 of 2): Game changers in the corporate world are called that because they literally change the game = by being pioneers in a product area or industry.

4. The crazy story of how Suzanne Somers was fired for asking for equal pay on ‘Three’s Company’ at the peak of her fame in 1980: Somers’ career came to a screeching halt when she asked ABC for a salary raise on par with what fellow cast member John Ritter was making.

5. Gawker staff votes to unionize in groundbreaking move for new media: The company’s editorial staff voted yesterday on whether or not they wanted to be represented by the Writer’s Guild of America, East (WGAE).

Have a great Monday, FOT Nation!