Girlfriend, Do You Know The Difference Between An Active And Passive Job Seeker?

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I got this question when I humored a vendor with a “quick 5-minute chat” this week.  I love it when people do their due diligence before a call.  It’s just a reminder to me to make sure I always know who I’m talking to before that “quick 5-minute chat.”  I mean… you’ve got me on the phone… which is darn near impossible… and you want to see if after 20 years I know the difference between an active and a passive jobseeker.

So do I know the difference between an active and a passive job seeker?

Hell, yes, I do… and it’s SO easy in my sourcing world!

A passive jobseeker may, and I say may, have a skeletal LinkedIn profile. They may just be a name I’ve found and they will be surprised when I contact them.

An active jobseeker has a LinkedIn profile and an resume.  And is wondering what took me so long to contact them. Savvy, no?

And I know this because Connectifier or maybe even 360 social highlights it for me.  A sourcer can only be better with tools.

I don’t think that was the answer the vendor was looking for.  I think they wanted it to be more flowery. But I think it works.  The reality is, anyone can be a jobseeker if the right opportunity is presented. Timing is everything.

And no, I didn’t pony up for the second follow-up call.