Laurie Ruettimann asks How Many Companies Pay People Less?

Laurie Ruettimann Worldwide FOT

Ever since I entered the workforce as a kid, owners have been trying to find a way to pay people less.

I don’t mean cutting salaries. Paying people less looks like this:

  1. Paying less than minimum wage. I had this happen to me at an ice cream store. I was fourteen and wanted a job. The owner and I struck a deal. I was sixteen on paper but earned $2 less than minimum wage. It is not uncommon to negotiate these deals with young workers, undocumented workers, and people with felony convictions in the service sector who can’t find regular, professional work.
  2. Working people more than their documented time. How many of us have had hourly jobs and have been discouraged from claiming our overtime pay? From doctors offices to administrative assistants in corporate America, discouraging someone from claiming OT is a common practice.

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