Pack It In The Beach Bag! Social Media Recruitment by Andy Headworth

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A little over a year ago, Andy Headworth of Sirona Consulting, asked me if I’d contribute a section to his newest recruiting book, Social Media Recruitment: How to Successfully Integrate Social Media into Recruitment Strategy. I’ve “known” Andy for going on 7 years, he was one of my first Tweeps across the pond and someone I found to be excellent in his recruitment advice.  I do make his blog a regular read and he’s one of the few people that I haven’t met face to face that is also a Facebook friend, I do think that highly of him.  So contributing to his book? That was a no brainer.  Especially if I got an advance copy.

I’ve read the book 3 times since receiving my copy, and I can recommend it without reservation.  Apparently I’m not the onlyandy one who’s a fan because it’s now noted as a #1 New Release on Every HR Manager should pick up a copy, those new to recruiting should give it a thorough read and those that have been in the trenches of social recruiting should dive in as well.  Can it really address everyone’s needs? I believe it does just that.  It’s just over 200 pages and broken down into common sense chapters with summaries and endnote references, that take the reader through the process of creating a well thought out social recruiting structure and strategy.  And no matter where you’re based, the guidance for involvement in social media recruitment is spot on and timely.  It’s incredibly challenging to write anything about social media that is timely as it is such a fluid medium.

It’s not a boring tome either, I’ve toted a few of those with me on summer vacation and it felt like a punishment had been put upon me to finish them.  Instead,  it felt like I was sitting in on a conference session with Andy, the conversational writing style lends itself well to the subject matter and there were times I was wishing it was an audio book.  From the beginning, Andy integrates case studies and real world examples of best practices that challenge the reader to bring their “A” game.  This was the one that got me hooked on the book and made me read more.  The case studies and examples also lend themselves to the “why”, “why” it’s important to create a structure for your social media strategy prior to moving on to the implementation and creation of social media accounts.  Even more importantly, the advice in the book circles round to the importance of developing a team of people (even if it’s one to start) who are passionate about the company so a brand can be thoroughly shared and candidates recruited.

There is a chapter on sourcing, covering all the standard social media sites.  Andy took a refreshingly different tact and approached a variety of sourcers to contribute sections to this chapter, it’s 22 pages in length that provides tips and tools on sourcing with social media without delving into the monotonous boolean tactics, explanations and examples.  The advice of how to source on social media, while written for specific sites, will translate well to new destinations as they surface online.

My paper copy is now dog eared and filled with post it notes.  I’ve got a list of tools to investigate to make our team’s social media life more manageable.  If you’ve been wondering how to build a social media recruitment plan or wondering what yours is missing, you should pick up a copy of  Social Media Recruitment: How to Successfully Integrate Social Media into Recruitment Strategy.