5 Things Every HR Pro Should Do Before a Disgruntled Employee Shoots You!

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When I was at the SHRM National Conference last week, I gave a hug to someone and they jokingly said it they “could cross it off their bucket list!” I responded with, “That’s what I do, change lives with hugs!”

The concept of bucket lists and HR pros got me thinking what a true bucket list of an HR person look like.  What things are so great in HR that you should have them on your bucket list?  You have to be ultra-geeky HR to think like this!  Let me indulge:

Tim’s HR Bucket List

___ Keynote at SHRM National Conference.  If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. The room sits around 10-12,000 people. It’s huge! And after watching Mika Brzezinski, I’m pretty sure I could do it. Not that Mika did bad, she was awesome. Great message. (Walking around on stage with notes written on yellow legal pad pages just made it even more real!)

___ Fire a CEO who knows they have gender pay issues, but refuses to just make it right and pay women the same as men. I don’t see why this doesn’t happen constantly! The data is so simple to pull. So, many organizations know they have this issue, but instead of doing the right thing, they give the CEO another few million in compensation.

___ Create a Glassdoor type site that rates crappy employees who you should never hire again. Kind of like Glassdoor in reverse. Disgruntled employees call you out on Glassdoor. On my site HR Pros will get to do the same… and explain how you slept at your desk and hit on the girls at the front desk all day long. I need to buy the url: USuck.com.

___ Run an HR shop with endless resources.  Let’s face it—Lazlo Block does not have a hard job at Google.  It’s the easiest HR job in the world.  You have endless resources. You have the freedom to try anything, and the organization will make money in spite of all of it.  It’s a perfect HR lab.  Hey, today we are only going to hire women with three kids because the data tells us managing three kids is hard, way harder than one or two, but having four kids seems a little too crazy. Yep, that’s right, we now only hire three-children women. What bad could happen!? Nothing.

___ Start a Talent Acquisition organization that rivals SHRM.  Talent Acquisition Pros are the hottest thing in organizations today, and will be over the next ten years or more, based on demographics.  Yet, their development is virtually forgotten about, or wrongly lumped in with HR.  TA deserves their own organization.  No, agency folks, this isn’t for you, you scare the corporate TA folks.  This is for Corporate TA only.  Let’s call it the Society of Talent Acquisition Resources or STAR!

What would you add to your professional bucket list?