FOT Job of The Month: VP of Talent Acquisition (Denver)

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FOT Note: We have no shame here at FOT in using our platform to sell a job. Nope, not one bit. Why would we? We’re all about giving you the facts straight, and if our “facts” line up with what you’re looking for in a new opportunity then color us tickled—we’ll hug it out and call it fate. If it doesn’t? Well, that’s on you. 

Kinetix and Kris Dunn are working exclusively on behalf of a key client to fill the executive role of VP of Talent Acquisition.  This role will be key in our client’s future focus on talent and will report directly to the company’s SVP of Human Capital. Compensation and rewards? Inspiring for the right candidate…

Here’s the basic specs of the role:

Company – 8,000 employees with a global footprint and significant operations overseas.

Line of Business – Consulting (meaning most of the recruiting is white collar in nature).

Number of Positions filled annually – 1,000+

Size and location of the recruiting team to be managed – 25 FTEs, with approximately an equal split of the team located in the US and abroad.

Position Must Reside In:  Denver, Colorado.

KD’s Comments – Why do I love this position as a next step in your career? Well, the business model of this company is fascinating, and you get global exposure to boot. The company’s big enough to create a large sandbox for you to experiment and innovate from a Talent Acquisition perspective but not so big that you’ll get lost in the madness of an even bigger company. I know this company’s recruiting function well, and here’s what we need someone to do if they go in the role:

1.  Create a culture of coaching on all open reqs. This company has great recruiters, but as you know, there’s always opportunity for even higher performance. The right candidate for this role will understand how to coach recruiters by looking at the funnel for a single open req, not be afraid of going above doing that themselves on a daily basis, and will build infrastructure to ensure this happens on a daily basis.

2.  Build recruiter adoption of technology. You’ll need user adoption of existing ATS technology to have the info you need to run the Talent Acquisition function, so the right candidate will understand how to build support of using an ATS and other systems at high adoption levels. Carrots? Please. Sticks? Sure.

3.  Get Big Wins. We need someone to create the infrastructure described above but also see the game at a strategic level. What’s next? You tell us. But while you’re doing that, you’ll need to get your hands dirty on a daily basis.

4.  Use the global nature of this company to build a better Talent Acquisition model. Our client is a global company, and it just so happens that areas like sourcing, etc. can be built using offshore resources that are a part of this company. Is that the best way to go? You tell us, but the fact that global infrastructure exists is pretty cool and is part of the bigger sandbox available to you.

5. Understand and optimize Talent Acquisition Spend. What are the most effective channels for great candidates and hires? We’ll need you to attack some of the earlier items first, but ultimately we’re looking to nab a TA leader who wants to get to an extreme level of clarity related to source of hire—and the effectiveness of the spend it took to get there.

Sound like you? Hit me at, and let’s have a conversation.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot—two more things:

–In order to be a candidate for this role, I’ll need you to have managed a TA/recruiting team of at least 10 recruiters at some point in your career, preferably now.

–A big selling point to this job is that you’re going to work for a great HR leader who’s new in their role and looking to do great things. I can’t say enough of how excited I will be to put the right person with this leader—I expect great things as a result!

Hit me at if this job is you.  I hope it is!