John Whitaker talks Wellness & Engagement Initiatives: A 2-for-1 Deal? Leverage Your Bets.

John Whitaker John Whitaker, Worldwide FOT

One of the most disengaging situations I can think of – is the idea that employees are paying with their health to build their wealth….  Only to use that wealth, later, to re-gain their health… Even worse… If I add the $300 billion in US losses from attempts to fix this, it really does make me feel a bit sick.

Engagement and wellness initiatives, as far as I see, get mixed together in all kinds of ways, with one promoting (or diminishing) returns in the other.  And, just what kinds of returns are expected?  The sakes are pretty high, really…  Leaders expect a thriving business, full of thriving employees.  Though, from what I’ve seen, the odds of seeing sustainable, big wins like that – may be worse than hitting the jackpot on a slot machine.

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