Summertime… And The Demos Are Easy.

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Summer is here.  Time to get my sourcing demos on… I tend to hoard these demos until summer, thinking work will be lighter then. It’s not.  So I plan a couple of hours each week to check out new tools for the team.

Up first? Crystal. It’s a slightly freaky email tool that can assess your target by their online activity, guiding you to craft an email to appeal to them and generate a positive response (hopefully!). When I first showed it to the boss, he was quick to point out that “stalk” is in the url—and it does feel a little stalkerish. And… it won’t work on everyone. And… there are a few inaccuracies. But some of its profile information is amazingly accurate  for my boss and one of my co-workers. But for my husband? It pulled in someone else’s profile pic. And for my daughter? No LinkedIn profile, and she’s locked down 90% of her social accounts so it fails there as well. It does hit spot-on with a few of our clients, so I think I’ll keep it in the queue through the summer. It could provide us with some teachable moments in crafting better outreach to our clients and candidates. If you want more insight on Crystal, here’s a podcast to check out.

Next? CareerBuilder’s new RecruitmentEdge (beta). You could be in CB’s new RecruitmentEdge product without even realizing it. The new product includes CareerBuilder candidates and cross- references social media profiles. It also includes candidates without CareerBuilder resumes but LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media profiles (one is referred to as a “confidential data provider.”) There is an intent with this product to create a one-stop shop for your sourcing needs. My interest is piqued… the CB resume on file could be dated, yet the social media information fed into the profile will be current. It does give you a better picture of a candidate without performing additional cross-referencing steps to find out “where are they now?”

The hiccups I’m facing with CareerBuilder? Quickness. How fast can I move and gather candidates in their database and transition to our quality-control review team? Looks like I have to do everything within their system, and I like to move profiles out as fast as I can—I do not need an extra ATS. I’m not seeing an ability to export into my ATS… and I really, really like that kind of functionality. Save me some steps and some time. We are big at our firm on sharing with candidates exactly how we found them, so we’ll have to tread carefully here as our source is Careerbuilder. But in some cases, the candidate may never have loaded a profile, their LinkedIn, or Facebook… or the secret resource has been gathered up in to the new RecruitmentEdge. To be honest, I’m still going to be transparent with the Source and the process—people should know where and how they’re being found. Interested in RecruitmentEdge (beta)? Current CB clients can get access for a day. I’ll be putting it through it’s paces on some of our toughest job orders.

Last year I demo’d Broadlook’s Capture, and it is one of my favorite tools for sourcing, whether I’m filling in the blanks on a list I’ve sourced or pulling a list of contacts into a usable format; it’s a rockstar in my book. I’m taking our team through a demo on this cool tool next week. Broadlook offers a 30-day trial, so if you’re looking to speed your sourcing work and team, it’s definitely a tool to consider.

Do you have a must test sourcing  tool? Let us know… the more demos the better!