Tim Sackett talks Taking A Vacation From My Vacation

Tim Sackett Tim Sackett, Worldwide FOT

I’ve got three sons, which I mostly love.  My youngest will ask frequently who I love most.  I always tell him I love him the most, unless his brothers are around, then I tell him it depends on the day.  Of course my wife, she takes the easy route and says she loves them all equally, which I think is scientifically impossible.

Taking a vacation with three kids is not a vacation.  There should be a different name for taking a vacation with three kids.  It doesn’t matter where you go with three kids, it’s not relaxing, in fact it is the opposite of relaxing.  If you go on vacation with kids coming back to work is the real vacation.  We all know it, but no one wants to admit it because you just burned valuable days off and giant pile of cash.

This concept of vacation is very personal to your employees.  It has a huge impact to helping your employees keep a good balance in their lives.  That’s why I was excited to read about some research being done to determine the what is the perfect amount of time on a vacation to get to an ideal state of relaxation.  From the WSJ:

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