John Whitaker says If Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast – Let’s Make It A Balanced Meal

John Whitaker Worldwide FOT

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As it stands, breakfast really isn’t a bad analogy.  There seem to be as many ‘brands’ of culture as there are breakfast cereals.  Are you hoping to describe your organizational culture as Irresistible?  Humanistic?  Purposeful?  Happy?  …Some other (mostly) ‘people-centered’ word?  Or, would you say Innovative? Customer Service?  LEAN?  Collaborative? …Another (sort of) ‘process-oriented’ description?  Well, they all sound pretty good to me.  And, of course, really, really important.  Because, as Drucker points out – “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

The caveat?  That goes for whatever your culture is, at any moment.  So, then, what do we do if any partof our culture is less than ideal?  [Please, please don’t say culture change…  Because if we aren’t there in the first place, then what are we changing?]

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