The Post and Pray Podcast: The Fear Factor – Moving Past Anxiety in Social Recruiting

Cara Lucas Holland Dombeck, HR, HR & Marketing, Podcast, Recruiting

Paralyzed by fear? Avoiding the inevitable? STILL posting and… praying?!

C’mon. It’s 2015.

But… some of us are still tossing up a hail Mary when it comes to a recruiting industry practice that should be a must (not a should) in the 21st century—using social media to simply be… social.

On this episode of The Post and Pray Podcast, host Holland Dombeck talks to David Jost, Founder/Managing Director of David Influence Group, on overcoming anxieties around using social media to recruit top talent.

FOT Note – “The Post and Pray Podcast” is a monthly podcast series sponsored by the good folks at CareerBuilder. All we talk about on this podcast are topics related to recruiting the right talent for your company.

Host: Holland Dombeck

Guest: David Jost

Producer: Julia Lindsey

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