Tim Sackett talks T3 – The HR Tech Conference

Tim Sackett Worldwide FOT

For T3 today I’m talking about the HR Tech Conference, not an individual piece of HR or Talent Technology.  The HR Tech Conference is held each year in Vegas in October. This year it’s October 18-21 at the Mandalay Bay.  I love this conference!

This year I’ll be attending HR Tech as an HR Tech Insider.  I’m not sure what this means except I’ll be blogging and talking about great HR Tech like I usually do, but maybe I’ll get access to some inside information like thirteen seconds before you get privy to the information as well! Yay, me!

HR Tech is one of the conferences I look forward to each year.  All the big HR and Talent Tech players launch all their new stuff.  All the up and coming HR tech comings come out and unveil what they are working on, and last year HR Tech even added a Startup area so I got introduced to about dozen companies that no one has heard of, that are working on stuff you’ll be using in five years!

It’s like Comic Con for HR nerds that love technology!

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