VIDEO: No Scrubs with Kris Dunn – Choosing The Right HR Technology For Your Company

Dawn Burke Dawn Burke, Kris Dunn, Selection

HR Pros! Don’t be held hostage by “what if.”

You heard me. All you HR Pros out there who are shaking in your boots about pulling the trigger on that shiny new HR Technology suite/program/tool and are thinking, “What if this doesn’t work?” or “What if something better comes out in Q3?” or “What if this screws everything up?” or “What if we can’t afford this?” or “What if I push the red button? Will we all die?”… you get it.

How ’bout what if you didn’t care about what if?

Then you’d buy the damn HR Technology. That’s what you’d do.

Check out the video above as Dawn Burke talks to Kris Dunn, CHRO at Kinetix and FOT founder, about transcending your role as a transactional HR Pro and taking it to the next level by choosing the right HR Technology for your company.

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