Paul Hebert says Only About 50% Of Us Are Above Average

Paul Hebert Worldwide FOT

I tweeted this last night

“For whatever reason, we are driven to apply outlier practices to middle-of-the-road companies and expect outlier results.”

And if you’re reading this post. There’s a really good chance that you are not an outlier.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of outliers. Outliers provide us with directional cues as to what’s possible. Without outliers we wouldn’t know that a four-minute mile was possible. Without outliers we wouldn’t know landing on the moon was possible. But the reality is very few of us individually, or as corporations, are outliers. That is axiomatic. Outliers are, well, outliers. And rare.

Yet research has shown when asked, 90% of people believe themselves to be above average. Which we all know is impossible. I believe that same hopeful thinking extends to the organization as well. Many believe they work at a company that is above average. If the employees themselves don’t, I’m pretty sure the leadership – those with assigned parking places – do. I also think that many of those same companies and leaders think adopting outlier tactics will make them an outlier company.

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