Paul Hebert says Sometimes You Just Need To Hit Publish… #50OVER50HR

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I’ve heard on more than one occasion ideas are easy, execution is hard.

Let me rephrase that and say execution isn’t always hard – but it is always very, very scary.

The fun part about ideas is as long as they exist in the theoretical they really can’t be wrong. Ideas are simply points of view, opinions. But not being wrong also means it they necessarily right either. I think we forget that. It seems we want to put emphasis on “ideas” some guru writes about and forget those ideas are simply op-ed posts. That “gurus” super interesting post is nothing more than a halfway decent thought starter – not a proven approach with data points and successful case studies.

Don’t get me wrong we need ideas. But we need results too.

Moving an idea from the theoretical to the real hard. It’s a scary jump and one few people can do successfully.  Just look at the blogs (this one included) – a plethora of ideas – a dearth of real outcomes.

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